Choosing Tips for Best Multivitamins

best multivitaminIt’s not so easy for common people to find the best multivitamin in the market, because too much brands and too much multivitamin supplements are full of in U.S.. Luckily we still have some professional channels, or some advices from physician for reference.

Most of the suggestion possibly will go like this: you have to choose the best multivitamin based on your age, living diet, health condition, etc. Sometimes the product costs also should be considered before purchasing. Because the variance between the lowest price and highest one are huge, but you cannot tell if the potency varies so differently as the price did.

So here we list some tips when you’re choosing the best multivitamin supplement, and hope it can resolve some of your questions before the final choice.

1, Choose the right type of the supplements.

You know there are a lot of types in multivitamin supplements. You have to choose per your age and gender.

For example, the women multivitamin products from the GNC (saving with GNC Coupons), for different ages, you can find the multivitamin supplements for girl, women, and women in 50+. Somehow, other brands, such as New Chapter (saving with Amazon Promo Code) didn’t have women in 50+ and above, it has for 40+ actually, both for women and men.

And also the multivitamin supplements are not just for human beings, there are multivitamins for pet from GNC, such as dog, cat.

2, To answer the question at the beginning, is the expensive multivitamins product worth of investment?

Actually it depends on your income conditions. Whether you’d like to buy some products with more reliable ingredients or not, it can be decided only by yourself.

From some clinic researches, the multivitamin used for studies actually is in low dose, and didn’t have too much enforced ingredient. But we can see the benefits already when taking it for couple of years, such as the reduction in the risk of some cancers occurrence. For women’s health, it has a lower risk by 30% of death rate from breast cancer if consuming multivitamins compared with placebo group.

For the best multivitamin, it should be considered to have more natural ingredients. Natural vitamin E means less bleeding risk than synthetic source, chelated calcium has higher absorption rate than the calcium from carbonate.

You have to do some homework before choosing the best multivitamin for women or men, make sure some extra penny for natural ingredients actually are deserved if it’s affordable for your consuming level. Of course, sometimes the Amazon promo code or GNC coupons may help saving money if you choose to shopping online.

To choose the best probiotics, please refer to here.

Find the best probiotics for children

There are numerous of choices if you come to a supplement store when you need to find a best probiotics for children.


Most of the probiotics supplement for children contain strains, such as saccharomyces, lactobacillus, and bifidobacterium, some of products may have a complex combination of above strains.

We may get some suggestion from pharmacist that taking probiotics will be helpful for the digestive and immune health of the children. It will not just help alleviate occasional digestive distress, also improve children’s overall health, particularly one kid may be vulnerable when it comes to the season variation.

So which strain of probiotics is best for children?

It’s hard to say which strain is best for children, because plenty of probiotic strains shows the positive effectiveness for different usage, for example, diarrhea, IBS- Irritable bowel syndrome or constipation, etc.

Lactobacillus GG is the most popular probiotic strain in the world for scientifically research. It has been used for clinic study over 800 times and has been approved to be safe and effective in supporting digestive health and human immunity system. Most important of all, lactobacillus GG has been demonstrated to survive the harsh stomach acids, you know, normally the stomach acid will eliminate most the bacteria if you swallow something. But lactobacillus GG will survive it and then come to intestines where it is needed most.

You can refer to the following study evidence for the safe and effective result when using lactobacillus GG:

1, One study among children aged from 5 to 14 with IBS showed that taking 3 billion cells of lactobacillus GG – a strain of Lactobacillus casei, twice per day and lasted for 2 months, it resulted to a significant reducing of the frequency and severity of abdominal pain.

2, Another study, when taking Lactobacillus GG and Lactobacillus reuteri led to a reduced duration of diarrhea due to certain infections in infants and young children, while we cannot see any positive result in adults.

But you don’t have too much choice if you want to buy the probiotics of children which contains lactobacillus GG, because only i-Health has such products:

I-Health Culturelle Kids! Chewables Probiotic, is for 3 years old children;

I-Health Culturelle® Probiotics for Kids, is for 1 year old kids.